2 oz Poe Super Glow


Simple, yet effective.  DO NOT go jigging without it!

The Poe- Hands down one of our most consistent Salmon jigs, especially in low light conditions. Multiple 1 hour limits on this one! If you don’t know what to throw? Tie on a Poe. Super tough, American Made paints and components with a 4x strong VMC (French) Red hook. It gets bit and comes back for more.

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  1. Chris Weier

    Interested in learning your techniques for trout, salmon and whitefish over here across the lake in Two Rivers, WI. Looks like your inventory of 1 oz. is low. When will more colors be available? Any tips on where to start or what to look for? I have had some success already but limited. It’s all sand and slow taper over here. Thx


    • jonahjigscom

      Most of the colors in the 2 and 3 oz I make in an 1oz version. With salmon season upon us, I haven’t had time to upload the 1oz selection to the cart yet. If you see a color you like in the bigger versions, contact me and I can make it for you. Thanks for checking out the site!


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